Saturday, June 29, 2013

Minecraft - Perler Bead Frame

My son and husband love playing Minecraft!  So for Father's Day, my son and I made this frame for Daddy.  It was pretty easy.  I used the standard 5 1/2 square board. 
Step 1 - Find a picture of a Mincraft Background.  I used Google and located a picture that way.  I wanted to see what colors to use and the basic composition of the picture.
Step 2 - Mix the colors.  I used one bowl for dirt colors (light brown, dark brown, and gray) and a bowl for grass colors (light green, dark green, and some random other greens I found with my perler beads).
Step 3 - Put the beads on the board.  My board has a roughly 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 square in the center.  I left that square open.  Then I put the dirt colors on (I wasn't to particular - just grabbed and placed.  If I noticed there was too much of one color, I tried to break it up a little).  Then I put on the grass colors.
Step 4 - I ironed according to my perler bead directions.  I realized I missed some spots when I tried to peel back the ironing paper and some beads came up.  I just carefully put the paper back down and ironed those spots.
Step 5 - I wanted some embellishments for the front of the frame.  I typed in Mincraft Perler Beads to Pinterest and found the heart and sword.  I followed those patterns and ironed the designs.
Step 6 - I needed a picture frame back... So I went to Dollar Tree and bought a 4x6 frame.  I took off the back and used kitchen sheers to cut it down to size.
Step 7 - I then assembled the frame.  I used a hot glue gun to add the heart and sword to the front.  I then flipped the frame over and attached the photo frame back to my perler bead frame.  I was silly and in my haste to get this project completed, I glued all four sides - Duh!  My husband kindly asked how he was supposed to get a picture in there!  I realized my mistake and used my box cutter to open a silt in the top.  It is no fun if you make no mistakes (or that is at least what I am telling myself)!

Daddy loves the frame and my son was so happy to help making it! (He placed a lot of the beads - got bored - then I finished it!  Please only have an adult do the ironing.  It is hot!)

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  1. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I loved this craft idea so much, that I decided to feature it in my article showing some of the best gaming crafts out there :)